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Princeton Windrows Technology Committee

Tech Committee
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Windrows Staff and Administrative Interviews[edit | edit source]


The Tech Committee is investigating how day-to-day administrative and staff work is done. We are hoping to identifying ways that technology could be used to make operations simpler, easier and possibly more efficient.

Each staff member can help us by explaining your key duties and by describing how you process the information that you receive, create, or share with others. This also includes how you communicate your decisions and actions to others.

To facilitate these interviews with key staff members and administrators, we've developed a few questions as listed below. These will be tailored for each specific staff member. Naturally, any existing memos, briefings, or policy statements that explain how you work would be invaluable to receive when we talk.

Sample questions

  • What are the key decisions or actions you make in your area of responsibility?
  • What information is essential to do your work?
    • Where do you get this information?
    • What form is it in?
    • Do you use this information as is, or do you have to alter it in some way?
    • How do you store or share this information, once your work is done?
  • How do you communicate your key decisions or actions to others?
    • What form does your output take? (E.g., Written reports; presentations; actions, other)
  • What actions by others, if any, could make your assigned tasks easier to complete or more efficient?
  • Given what we’ve just discussed, are ways you can imagine using information and communication technology to help you do your job more easily or efficiently?

Proposed Respondents

Tom McLaughlin Executive Direct
Vicky Bassant Front Desk and Transportation
Michelle Lugo Director of Human Resources
Deepak Butani Director of Finance
Hemal Patel Controller
Nadia Khan Admin. Assistant


Mark Caravela Director of Culinary Services
Joe Mammon Dining Room Manager
New Person? Assistant Dining Room Manager
Facilities: Richard Mensah, Dir. of Facilities
Housekeeping: Robert Force, Dir. of Housekeeping
Sales: Peter, Eric, M-E , Sales team
Security: Jean Claude Pierre, Security manager
Transportation: Tim and Darrell, Drivers
Wellness: Debbie Linstrom, Dir. of Wellness