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Requested Upgrades to Windrows Calendar & Grid[edit | edit source]

(As of 4/23/2024)
The following items are requested upgrades or changes to the Calendar and Grid functions on the Windrows website and App. Other suggestions to improve the website are listed separately. Some of these improvements probably can be made by the Windrows staff while others may require new work by Members First (our service provider and vendor of the website software.)

These suggested improvements are currently listed in random order and need to be sorted based upon priority, cost, and difficulty. This will require further discussion with staff and Members First representatives before a final list of needed changes is authorized.

  1. The accuracy of information on the Grid and related “calendars” needs to improve. Often there are significant differences or omissions between the Daily Grid, the postings in the mail room, the electronic sign boards, and the current postings for today on the Windrows app. Each system is probably updated at different times, by different people, and in different ways. Often, information is retyped or summarized, risking translation errors. The updating and sharing practices need to be determined and then improved. All these postings should be consistent and accurate. Inconsistencies or omissions will make residents distrust the systems and stop believing the information.
  2. Daily grid can be accessed through the website in two manners – the “I want to” feature, and presumably using the “Monthly Grid” access button. Currently these two access methods yield different information, or both may not work.
  3. Daily Grid posting on home screen of the App should begin on the current date, not the first date of the posted month. At a minimum, at least designate the current date in large font, color, etc.
  4. Daily Grid posting should show activities for the next few weeks, at a minimum for the next two weeks. This forward planning information should cover a minimum future period, even when the event date is near the beginning or end of a month. Posting the new monthly calendar on the last possible date of the current month reduces the value of any planning. Under the current approach, posted events early in the next month get very little prior notification.
  5. Future events, even beyond the current Grid month, should be shown on the printed grid by inserting a “save the date” page, like the Channel 1978 page in the April Grid.
  6. When viewing the daily grid, since it doesn’t automatically show the event start times (until you click on them), it would be handy to have them grouped by “Morning” and “Afternoon”. As it is now, you must click on them to see details.
  7. The “filtering” of events displayed needs work.   Now there is little or no difference between “category group” and “category”. If we’re going to have both, they should be at different conceptual levels.
  8. We need an easy way to find musical events or movie events, maybe have an “entertainment” category and/or a “fitness or class” category?   Also, if you were looking for Wed at Windrows talks, it would be nice to be able to select them.
  9. Web signup is good, but the website and app must be altered to enable this. Sign up will be both online and on paper for the foreseeable future, but these two methods must be integrated into one single database that is automatically updated instantly.
  10. It is unclear if we can sign-up for events (e.g., concerts; trips; classes, etc.) via the app.   If so, it is often unclear where and how to do that.   It should be more prominent. The default setting for all events should include the option to sign up directly on the website or app.
  11. Reminders for all activities and meal reservations should be sent one day prior to the event as a default setting unless people choose not to get reminders.
  12. Modify website settings so that group emails can be sent to multiple residents and/or staff members, without requiring a blanket or “all resident” email blast. Most email and texting services offer the option to send a smaller group message. This is often used as a reminder service to confirm reservations just prior to the event. (Note – this may be possible now. Is this a training issue?)