Project Updates 5-1-2024

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Princeton Windrows Technology Committee

Tech Committee
Bricolage Lab

Project updates as of 5/1/2024 (new items in blue font)

TechComm long term plan

  • Draft proposal presented to TechComm January
  • Board is working on a LT plan which will include Tech
  • We need to stay in sync with Board so our plans mesh.

Combined Calendar

  • Identified as one of two priorities for TechComm’s Outreach Project
  • Several ideas collected from TechComm members and via interviews with Committee Chairs
  • Compiled list will be passed by TechComm once more before meetings with Nadia, Vicky and Nancy
  • Meeting scheduled with Nadia May 8 th (RP, BJF, MC)

Resident database

  • Identified as one of two priorities for TechComm’s Outreach Project
  • Next steps to be specified at May TechComm meeting.

Committee Reach-out project (other areas)

  • Other areas (besides Calendar and Resident Database), while important, will be addressed after the first two.
  • TechComm needs to decide if we do NO work on them now or not.

Stereo signal to vidcam

  • The signal from mixer to vidcam is still mono despite initial re-wiring.
  • A new solution has been identified.
  • BJF has ordered and received required new wire. Installation is next step. Zoom recordings
  • For committee chairs who zoom-record meetings, a way of retrieving those recordings without bothering Nadia is required.
  • Nadia has attempted to define a process to do this, however to date this has not been successful and it is still necessary for her to provide a link and password.
  • BJ will pursue with Nadia.

Tech Help seminars

  • A meeting with BJF, Marcia Wood and Michael Condaricci will be held shortly to lay out a seminar schedule for the entire year.

Windrows and PSRC.

  • We have placed a link to PSRC (Now CMAP) on our website
  • We need to track how many people have used this, and interview them about their experience.

Technology at other Senior communities

  • Nothing new.
  • We need to assign someone to this task

One-Day University

  • Discuss with team desirability of creating links
  • Identify a champion if appropriate