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Princeton Windrows Technology Committee

Tech Committee
Bricolage Lab

Thursday, May 2, 2024
3:00 PM – 4:15 Barnhart Room and Zoom

Call to order -- Welcome/ & Minutes

Old Business (35 mins)

  • Outreach Project- Combined Calendar next steps
  • Requested upgrades for Calendar and Grid
  • Background letter to Board; then respondents
  • Meeting with Nadia May 8 th; Meetings with Vicky B and Nancy T
  • Work sessions to distill; bring to TechComm
  • Outreach Project- Resident Database next steps - Work session to clarify goals; respondents; timeline
  • Outreach Project- other interviews now or later?

 New Business (15 mins)

  • Commission for Blind and Low Vision- Ellen Lennick
  • One-Day University
  • Long-term Tech plan: Ask Board to let us know when we can work with them on this.

Visitor Comments (5 mins)

Trustee Comments (5 mins)


  1. Minutes from April meeting;
  2. Requested upgrades to Calendar & Grid;
  3. Outreach Project Background Document;
  4. Project List