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11 June 2024

  • curprev 21:0821:08, 11 June 2024Robbie McClintock talk contribsm 1,422 bytes +28 Redirected page to Bricolage Lab undo Tag: New redirect
  • curprev 13:2613:26, 11 June 2024Robbie McClintock talk contribs 1,394 bytes +1,394 Created page with "== Windrows Tech Committee Bricolage Lab == {{tcbl}} <blockquote>'''"The Technology Committee is a service committee established to educate the Windrows community on the effective use of communication and other technology. The Committee is also charged with assessing and recommending to the Board measures for the maintenance and continuous improvement of technology used throughout Windrows."''' <ref>'''"VII, G.," ["